2023 BanglarBhumi

West Bengal citizens can search and download their land records by using BanglarBhumi. This time people are facing some problems in finding their land records. That’s why we present the easiest way to find and search Banglarbhumi land records anywhere at any time.

Today we will show you how to get land records in a simple way by which you can get land records in just a few minutes from any place via mobile/computer. Take a look at the methods given below and you will be able to do this very simply.

1. BanglarBhumi Khatian Land Records

You can easily search Banglarbhumi land records by Khaitan numbers. First of all, you have to click the button below to visit the Khaitan land records page.

BanglarBhumi Khatian land Records

Here first of all select “District, Block and Mauza” then click on the “View Record” button with the Khatian number. You can view the land record as per your Khaitan, take out the printout or download the PDF by clicking on the print button below.

2. BanglarBhumi Plot Land Records

Like Khaitan records, you can download Banglarbhumi land records by plot numbers. for this, you have to click the button below to visit the Plot land records page.

BanglarBhumi Plot Land Records

Here first of all select “District, Block and Mouza” then click on the “View Record” button with the plot number. You can view land records according to your Daag number, take out a printout, or download PDF by clicking the print button below.

3. West Bengal Mouza Records

You can also download banglarbhumi mouza records easily here. For this, as before, by clicking on the button given below, one has to go to the page to get the land record of Bengal land Mouza.

Banglarbhumi Mouza Records

Just select “District and Block” and click on the “View Record” button, and the list of all Mouzas will come out. You can print it out by clicking the print button below or downloading the PDF.

This is the best way to download and print Banglarbhumi land records of West Bengal. This way you can easily get your land records out and you don’t have to do any registration etc. You can download or print land records of Bengal without registration.

No more worrying about all the information about the land records, just a few simple steps in a very short time, all the information about the land in front of your eyes. At the same time, you can save, download, and print out PDF files as you wish, also online at home.

Since this site is very easy to use on mobile, in that case, you can download PDF files on mobile effortlessly, you can print them out from anywhere. Then what else! A very simple method to know all kinds of West Bengal land information.

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