BanglarBhumi Thika Tenancy Act. – Calcutta Thika Tenancy Act

Set-Up and Functionality: Thika Tenancy

The West Bengal Thika Tenancy (A & R) Act, of 2001 replaced the Calcutta Thika Tenancy (A & R) Act, of 1981. The new act was enunciated in order to provide the interest of landlords in respect of lands comprised in Thika Tenancy in Kolkata, Howrah, and other municipalities of West Bengal for the development and equitable utilization of such lands.

The Kolkata Thika Tenancy Establishment covers 100 wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Its headquarters is located at Survey Building, 35 Gopalnagar Road, Kolkata – 700027 and four other regional offices at Belvedere, Cossipore, Tangra and Narkeldanga.

All the major works relating to Thika tenancy are usually done in the regional offices normally. A tenant submits return forms to establish their claims as Thika Tenant. More than 36000 returns have been submitted and it’s a continuous process of such.

After submission of return forms a rent on ad-hoc basis is accepted from the returnees. After enquiry and recommendation of officer in charge of regional offices of thika tenancy establishment the same is sent to head office for acceptance from the thika Controller.

In case of objection or dissatisfaction about the claim, the controller decides the same u/s 5(3) of the West Bengal Thika Tenancy (A & R) Act, 2001 through adjudication.

There are 8 to 10 bharatias (on average) against each return and the protection of interest of the Bharatias is also an object of the statute. The Thika tenancy records comprise of return files, rent receipts of landlords, KMC documents such as inspection books, property tax receipt, consolidated rate bill along with enquiry report of enquiring officer / surveyor, adjudication orders, orders in connection with disputes between thika tenants and bharatias and forfeited structures are of very much importance and is thought of preserving those important documents for avoiding further damage or mutilation.

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