1430 Bengali Purnima Dates – 1430 পূর্ণিমার তারিখ ও শুভ মুহূর্ত

1430 Bengali Purnima Dates (পূর্ণিমার তারিখ 1430 শুভ মুহূর্ত) Know the Most Auspicious Bengali Purnima Dates in 2023-2024, বাংলা কালেন্ডার 1430 পূর্ণিমার তারিখ ও সময়

Purnima, also known as the full moon day, is a significant occasion in the Hindu calendar. This day is believed to be auspicious and is associated with spiritual benefits, making it a popular time for performing rituals and seeking blessings.

Our comprehensive guide on Purnima provides accurate and detailed information on the dates, timings, and significance of this day. Discover the customs and traditions associated with Purnima and learn how to celebrate this auspicious occasion with our guide.

Purnima Fasting Purnima Nisipalan Purnima Timing
Purnuma Bangla BhumiBuddha Purnima
21 Baisakh, Friday
21 Baisakh, Friday Purnima Start on
20 Baisakh, Thursday at 11:04 PM
Purnima End on
21 Baisakh, Friday at 10:51 PM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiJaisthi Purnima
20 Jaistha, Sunday
19 Jaistha, Saturday Purnima Start on
19 Jaistha, Saturday at 10:15 AM
Purnima End on
20 Jaistha, Sunday at 9:09 AM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiGuru Purnima
17 Aashar, Monday
16 Aashar, Sunday Purnima Start on
16 AAashar, Sunday at 7:20 PM
Purnima End on
17 Aashar, Monday at 5:31 PM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiMal Purnima
15 Shraban, Tuesday
15 Shraban, Tuesday Purnima Start on
14 Shraban, Monday at 3:04 AM
Purnima End on
15 Shraban, Tuesday at 12:47 AM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiRakhi Purnima
12/13 Bhadra, Wednesday/Thursday
12 Bhadra, Wednesday Purnima Start on
12 Bhadra, Wednesday at 10:23 AM
Purnima End on
13 Bhadra, Thursday at 7:59 AM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiBhadri Purnima
11 Aashin, Friday
10 Aashin, Thursday Purnima Start on
10 AAashin, Thursday at 6:41 PM
Purnima End on
11 Aashin, Friday at 4:11 PM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiKojagari Purnima
10 Kartik, Saturday
10 Kartik, Saturday Purnima Start on
9 Kartik, Friday at 3:40 PM
Purnima End on
10 Kartik, Saturday at 1:58 PM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiRash Purnima
10 Agrahan, Monday
9 Agrahan, Sunday Purnima Start on
9 Agrahan, Sunday at 3:13 PM
Purnima End on
10 Agrahan, Monday at 2:18 PM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiMargi Purnima
9 Poush, Tuesday
9 Poush, Tuesday Purnima Start on
8 Poush, Monday at 5:16 AM
Purnima End on
9 Poush, Tuesday at 5:25 AM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiPoushi Purnima
10 Magh, Thursday
9 Magh, Wednesday Purnima Start on
9 Magh, Wednesday at 9:37 PM
Purnima End on
10 Magh, Thursday at 10:49 PM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiMaghi Purnima
11 Phalgun, Saturday
10 Phalgun, Friday Purnima Start on
10 Phalgun, Friday at 3:28 PM
Purnima End on
11 Phalgun, Saturday at 5:25 PM
Purnuma Bangla BhumiDol Purnima
11 Chaitra, Monday
10 Chaitra, Sunday Purnima Start on
10 Chaitra, Sunday at 9:41 AM
Purnima End on
11 Chaitra, Monday at 11:49 AM

Bengali Calendar 1430:

Baisakh 1430 Jaistha 1430
Aashar 1430 Shraban 1430
Bhadra 1430 Aashin 1430
Kartik 1430 Agrahan 1430
Poush 1430 Magh 1430
Phalgun 1430 Chatra 1430

Stay updated with the dates and timings of Bengali Purnima with our comprehensive guide. Purnima is an important occasion in the Hindu calendar and holds immense cultural and religious significance in the Bengali community.

Our guide provides accurate and detailed information on the Bengali Purnima dates and timings, along with the customs and traditions associated with this auspicious day. Celebrate this occasion with ease and plan your rituals and observances in advance with our guide.

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