1430 Bengali Amavasya Dates – 1430 আমাবস্যার তারিখ ও শুভ মুহূর্ত

1430 Today amavasya time in bengali (আমাবস্যার তারিখ 1430 শুভ মুহূর্ত) Know the Most Auspicious Bengali Amavasya Dates in 2023-2024, বাংলা কালেন্ডার 1430 আমাবস্যার তারিখ ও সময়

Amavasya, also known as the new moon day, is a significant event in the Hindu calendar. It is believed to be an auspicious day for performing rituals and seeking blessings.

Today amavasya time in bengali
আমাবস্যার তারিখ ও শুভ মুহূর্ত – Today amavasya time in bengali

Our comprehensive guide on Amavasya provides accurate and detailed information on the dates, timings, and significance of this day. Discover the customs and traditions associated with Amavasya and learn how to celebrate this auspicious occasion with our guide.

Amavasya FastingAmavasya NisipalanAmavasya Timing
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi6 Baisakh, Thursday5 Baisakh, WednesdayAmavasya Start on
5 Baisakh, Wednesday at 11:00 AM
Amavasya End on
6 Baisakh, Thursday at 9:43 AM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi4 Jaistha, Friday3 Jaistha, ThursdayAmavasya Start on
3 Jaistha, Thursday at 9:11 PM
Amavasya End on
4 Jaistha, Friday at 8:47 PM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi2 Aashar, Sunday1 Aashar, SaturdayAmavasya Start on
1 Aashar, Saturday at 8:33 AM
Amavasya End on
2 Aashar, Sunday at 9:07 AM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi31 Aashar, Monday30 Aashar, SundayAmavasya Start on
30 Aashar, Sunday at 9:32 PM
Amavasya End on
31 Aashar, Monday at 10:57 PM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi30 Shraban, Wednesday29 Shraban, TuesdayAmavasya Start on
29 Shraban, Tuesday at 12:14 PM
Amavasya End on
30 Shraban, Wednesday at 2:17 PM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi27 Bhadra, Thursday27 Bhadra, ThursdayAmavasya Start on
26 Bhadra, Wednesday at 4:31 AM
Amavasya End on
28 Bhadra, Friday at 6:32 AM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi26 Aashin, Saturday25 Aashin, FridayAmavasya Start on
25 Aashin, Friday at 9:22 PM
Amavasya End on
26 Aashin, Saturday at 10:54 PM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi26 Kartik, Monday25 Kartik, SundayAmavasya Start on
25 Kartik, Sunday at 2:02 PM
Amavasya End on
26 Kartik, Monday at 2:32 PM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi25 Agrahan, Tuesday25 Agrahan, TuesdayAmavasya Start on
24 Agrahan, Monday at 5:36 AM
Amavasya End on
25 Agrahan, Tuesday at 5:07 AM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi25 Poush, Thursday24 Poush, WednesdayAmavasya Start on
24 Poush, Wednesday at 7:31 PM
Amavasya End on
25 Poush, Thursday at 6:11 PM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi25 Magh, Friday25 Magh, FridayAmavasya Start on
25 Magh, Friday at 7:29 AM
Amavasya End on
25 Magh, Friday at 5:31 AM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi26 Phalgun, Sunday25 Phalgun, SaturdayAmavasya Start on
25 Phalgun, Saturday at 5:42 PM
Amavasya End on
26 Phalgun, Sunday at 3:23 PM
Amavasya Bangla Bhumi25 Chaitra, Monday25 Chaitra, MondayAmavasya Start on
24 Chaitra, Sunday at 2:32 AM
Amavasya End on
25 Chaitra, Monday at 12:15 AM

Bengali Calendar 1430:

Baisakh 1430Jaistha 1430
Aashar 1430Shraban 1430
Bhadra 1430Aashin 1430
Kartik 1430Agrahan 1430
Poush 1430Magh 1430
Phalgun 1430Chatra 1430

Stay updated with the dates and timings of Bengali Amavasya with our comprehensive guide. Amavasya is an important occasion in the Hindu calendar and holds immense cultural and religious significance in the Bengali community.

Our guide provides accurate and detailed information on the Bengali Amavasya dates and timings, along with the customs and traditions associated with this auspicious day. Celebrate this occasion with ease and plan your rituals and observances in advance with our guide.

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